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This is such a big part of keeping your pet healthy. Examinations, Vaccinations, parasite checks, blood work, and dental care are all part of keeping your pet well.



Look at your pets teeth! Are they brown with tartar? Is their breath bad? Are their gums red and inflammed? Tartar build up leads to gum disease, which leads to tooth loss and even heart and kidney disease.. 

Routine dental care for your pet will help them keep their teeth and stay healthy as well. We recommend a dental check every 6 months.



Unfortunately our pets can have the same medical conditions we may have, such as infections, anemia, diabetes, liver and pancreatic diseases, and/or cancer. We offer a full in-house laboratory as well as overnight laboratory services to help assess your pets medical needs.

Dental Cleaning in Progress

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Surgical Procedure


We offer EKG's (heart monitor recordings) that are interpreted by a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist to ensure your pet gets the proper care and medications should a heart-related problem be diagnosed.



X-rays may be needed to assess orthopedic or soft tissue problems. Our equipment allows us to have X-rays ready for our review in just a few minutes. Portable technology allows our clients to view the X-rays in the room with the veterinarian.



When your pet comes to us for a surgical procedure, you can rest assured that we will provide the best care possible. While under anesthesia, your pet will be fully monitored with modern surgical devices. We always recommend pre-anesthetic blood work prior to any procedure.

Examples of surgeries offered:

  • Elective- spay, neuter, cosmetic
  • Corrective- orthopedic
  • Necessary- cancer, non-cancerous growth removal

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Our in-house pharmacy is well-stocked for your pets medications. The pharmacy includes not only prescription medications, but non-prescription products as well, such as flea preventives, shampoos, and dental hygiene products.



If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, we will work hard to provide you with the latest information as well as treatment options for that particular cancer. We are often able to collaborate with the Oncology Service at Auburn University to help coordinate an effective treatment plan.



If your pet has a special need or medical condition that requires monitoring and medications (such as diabetes), you can be assured that our doctors and staff will meet those needs while you are away.

We ask that you bring all of your pets medications and make time speak with a technician or veterinary assistant before you leave,.

Preparing Medications

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Microchipping equipment


  • Our caring staff will take care of your pet while you are away. We have some of the largest indoor heated and cooled runs in Dothan.
  • Bathing- Pamper your pet with a therapeutic shampoo and pedicure.
  • Grooming- We take pride in having on of the best groomers in Dothan- Brandi Tyrrell. Call ahead! Brandi grooms by appointment only and very rarely has cancellations.
  • Microchipping- If your pet becomes lost or stolen, having a microchip placed under their skin can help them return home safely. Call our office (334.793.9779) and we can explain more about this quick procedure.